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HUESKER Inc. celebrates 30 years

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April 4, 2021, marked an exciting milestone for HUESKER Inc. as the company celebrated its 30th anniversary. HUESKER Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of geosynthetics in North America. Over the past 30 years, HUESKER Inc. has provided quality geotextiles along with innovative engineering solutions and excellent customer service. The company’s team of engineers and product managers have collaborated on projects such as Cruise Terminal 3 at Port Canaveral, Wilmington Harbor South Disposal Area, WBV-72 East-West Levee and many more.

HUESKER Inc.’s manufacturing facility in Shelby, N.C.

Starting with only three employees in 1991, HUESKER Inc. has now grown into one of the most recognized manufacturers in the industry. In 2004 the company began its expansion by acquiring a manufacturing facility in Shelby, N.C., specializing in advanced geocomposites for hydraulic and environmental applications. In 2016 the company invested $8.5 million to expand the existing manufacturing facility for production of high-strength geotextiles and geogrids.

With a team of highly skilled and motivated employees, a solid base of loyal customers and a distributor network stretched out across North America, HUESKER Inc. is proud to be a symbol of growth and innovation for the geotextile industry.

“This is a great achievement for not only HUESKER Inc. but also for the HUESKER Group, since this is the first subsidiary outside of Germany. HUESKER Inc.’s success reflects the growth of our entire group,” said Flavio Montez, president and CEO.

Made in America

HUESKER Inc. is producing top-of-the-line geotextiles in America. The top products include Fortrac geogrids for walls and slopes, HaTelit asphalt reinforcement for interlayer systems and Stabilenka high-strength geotextiles for embankments. HUESKER Inc. also offers products made in America for applications including earthworks and foundations, roads and pavements, environmental engineering, hydraulic engineering, mining, industry and agriculture.

Using the same values instilled in the company 30 years ago, HUESKER Inc. looks forward to serving the engineering and geosynthetics industry for many years to come.

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