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Tensar (U.K.) commits to 100% renewable energy

News | February 11, 2021 | By:

All the electricity used by Tensar International Ltd. in the U.K. in manufacturing its geogrid products is now certified to come from renewable sources.

The switch to a renewable energy supplier, which took place on Oct. 1, 2020, is one of several initiatives introduced by Tensar in recent years to reduce its environmental impact, said Dave Hickey, Tensar vice president operations, sourcing and supply chain, Eastern Hemisphere. 

He said, “We signed up to the [U.K.] Environment Agency’s Climate Change Agreement scheme a few years ago, demonstrating our commitment to optimizing our energy use and reducing our carbon emissions. Ensuring all the electricity we use comes from renewable resources will help support a greener economy.” 

As well as switching energy supplier, Tensar has made a big effort to reduce the amount of energy it consumes, installing intelligent LED lighting in its factory and fitting energy-efficient compressors to its machines. It has also made major strides in waste reduction—99.5% of all internal polymer waste is recycled during the production process.  

“Along with production efficiencies, we are continually looking to increase the performance of our products,” Hickey added, “so that less geogrid needs to be installed in the ground. And we will continue to invest in ‘going green’ because we believe the construction industry has to take the lead in reducing human impact on the environment.” 

Tensar International Ltd. factory in Blackburn, U.K.

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