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How a company in rural Israel became a global leader in technical fabrics

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One of the two companies that formed E² is a technical fabric manufacturer in southern Israel called Erez Thermoplastic Products. Founded in 1982, Erez introduced advanced polymer technologies in industrial technical fabrics. Over the years, their research and product developments earned them a reputation as a global leader in coated technical fabrics.

Through pioneering technologies and new breakthroughs in polymer blending, Erez has produced a comprehensive family of high performance, long-lasting, multipurpose membranes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Erez. We’ll also explore how the E² partnership will allow for further innovation in the technical fabric industry.

Community and sustainability at its core

Commitment to people is at the core of the Erez ethos. Located at Kibbutz Erez in southern Israel, Erez is a community-owned business. The members of the community own and operate the company. Therefore, each member of the community has a personal stake and an obligation to ensure the success of the business.

Along with its commitment to innovation and R&D, Erez has been committed to providing top-quality customer guidance since day 1. Because each employee is personally invested in the community mentality, Erez constantly works to improve sustainability efforts for the benefit of its employees.

Erez actively invests in new technology and research that moves them toward lowering their environmental impact. They look for ways to reduce energy use and increase the lifespan of their textiles through reuse. They are working to switch to 100% natural or clean-sourced electricity and controlling electricity usage by installing power meters. Erez also reduces potential waste generated by the production, shipping, delivery, packaging, and other elements of their factory operation.

Technical fabrics for the modern age

Light yet stable, with superior welding advantages, Erez membranes are capable of withstanding both extensive wear and environmental stress across hundreds of end-product applications. Erez technical fabrics are certified by all top international standards. By joining forces with EPT to create E², Erez is bringing their Israeli innovative spirit from the Start-Up Nation to American soil.

Erez provides quality customer guidance and support. They also employ a constant process of quality improvement. It is these values that are the basis of the partnership between EPT and Erez – two companies that share customer support as a key mission to their success.

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