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TRI/Environmental to host CQA Training Course

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For the past 15 years, engineers, regulators, and other waste management professionals have come to Austin, Texas, to attend the geosynthetic containment system construction quality assurance (CQA) training course developed by TRI/Environmental. This year, the traditional back-to-back single-day courses are combined under a single course name: “QA/QC of Geosynthetic and Compacted Clay Lining Systems.” 

What’s different this year?

This year, the course is being offered as part of a new event in Austin, GeoU 2020. This means that the geosynthetics CQA training course will be co-located with multiple, concurrent geosynthetics short courses. The gathering gives the QA/QC course attendees access to a larger and very high-quality pool of engineering peers to network with outside of the CQA class.

All QA/QC course attendees will be included in the GeoU 2020 networking events, including the April 7 Meet the Teachers Reception, the April 8 GeoU Blast (Sponsored by TRI/Environmental), and the April 9 GeoU Happy Hour.

QA/QC course structure

The QA/QC of Geosynthetic and Compacted Clay Lining Systems Course follows the program TRI/Environmental has used in previous years. The focus remains on the installation of all geosynthetics and compacted clay liners used in containment systems. The first day (April 8) will focus on installation of geomembranes, geotextiles, geocomposites, geogrids and geo-appurtenances. It includes discussion of geomembrane seaming and seam peel and shear testing. The second day (April 9) will focus on the installation of compacted clay and geosynthetic clay liners. Special emphasis will be given to establishing rationale and standard operating procedures for field inspections, documentation of test and visual observations, and implementation of CQA plans. A broad appreciation for the manufacture and installation of containment facility materials will be provided. A tour of TRI’s geosynthetic and geotechnical labs is included.

Gain comprehensive understanding of:

  • Preparing CQC/CQA plans
  • Reviewing CQC/CQA plans
  • Performing CQC/CQA observations and tests
  • Reviewing field CQC/CQA procedures

GCI–ICP certification exam

The geosynthetics CQA training is an ideal prep for the Geosynthetic Certification Institute–Inspectors Certification Program (GCI–ICP) exam, which will be offered on the morning of April 10. All exam-interested students must register with the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) and pay GSI’s certification fee before the test. TRI/Environmental does not collect this fee. Contact GSI (+1 610 522 8440) for more information.

Early bird rate ends January 31. For more information or to register, visit

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