Premier Product Showcase 2024

February 1st, 2024

Here is your first look at some of the new products and services that will be available from companies in 2024.  Information for this special section was provided by companies who submitted materials to us before the publication deadline. All photographs are courtesy of the company listing the product/service. Geotechnical Frontiers is coming back in […]

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TenCate Geosynthetics replaces heat shrink packaging

January 23rd, 2023

Due to the demand for higher packaging capacity and improved packaging, TenCate has installed a RoRo StretchPack® solution to replace heat shrink packaging at its production site in Bezons near Paris, France. RoRo StretchPack® by Tentoma is a cold packaging technology using a tubular stretch hood film suitable for horizontal sealed packaging of large rolls. […]

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Tentoma geotextile packaging machine for wider rolls

February 22nd, 2022

The new Tentoma geotextile packaging machine handles up to 29.5-foot (19-m) wide roll packaging and packages shorter rolls faster. Tentoma designed the new RoRo StretchPack XL Power machine for stretching wider geotextile tubes. Photograph courtesy of Tentoma A/S Tentoma A/S, headquartered in Broager, Denmark, released the RoRo StretchPack XL Power packaging machine that enables sealed […]

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Tentoma offers packaging of geotextile rolls with core plug applicator

July 12th, 2021

The RoRo StretchPack packaging machines from Tentoma can now be equipped with a core plug applicator Automatic insertion of core plugs in rolls is now an option for the RoRo StretchPack packaging machines from Tentoma. The RoRo StretchPack packaging machines have become popular, especially for the packaging of geotextiles. The reason is that the horizontal […]

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