Global Synthetics offering Propex erosion control products

October 2nd, 2023

Propex, a leading innovator, developer, and supplier of geosynthetics worldwide, offers products used in a variety of applications, including erosion control, drainage, and reinforcement. Propex erosion control products are designed to be cost-effective, technically proven, and permanent solutions to erosion problems. They are also environmentally sensitive alternatives to hard armour solutions. Propex erosion control products […]

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Combigrid applications for geogrid/geocomposite in pavement construction

August 10th, 2023

Geogrid reinforcement and stabilization is used in roadways in two major applications: base reinforcement/stabilization and subgrade stabilization. In base reinforcement/stabilization, the geogrid is placed within or at the bottom of a pavement system to improve the load-carrying capacity and reduce the deformation of the pavement under repeated traffic as well as help control expansive subgrade […]

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Why are GCLs often used for liners in landfills?

July 21st, 2023

Ongoing management of landfill sites involves complex environmental challenges and requires strict compliance with certain guidelines. Managing issues such as leachate, runoff, gases, and other by-products of the waste management process have traditionally been managed by lining and capping cells with clay. Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs), however, offer an alternative to traditional clay lining of landfill […]

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Reducing carbon footprints: How Global Synthetics stacks up against traditional methods

June 20th, 2023

Global Synthetics and its partners have undertaken significant efforts to minimize the carbon footprint caused by the manufacturing processes, products, and installation in civil engineering projects. By comparing its geosynthetic solutions to traditional methods, the company shed light on the carbon savings achievable with its products, showcasing how sustainable solutions stack up against conventional practices. […]

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Global Synthetics becomes ISC-certified member

April 14th, 2023

Global Synthetics is a leading supplier of geosynthetics and environmental products, providing innovative and sustainable solutions for various infrastructure projects. As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company is proud to announce certification as a member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC). Infrastructure is the backbone of society, providing the basic physical and organizational […]

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Geosynthetics solve the unique needs of wind energy projects

September 7th, 2021

How to select geosynthetics for wind farms? As energy demands continue to rise throughout the world, renewable energy projects such as wind farms are taking off both locally and globally.  Turbines of the Altamont Pass Wind Farm, Altamont Pass, Calif. Photograph by Eric Molina, Creative Commons License: The 2021 United Nations’ Intergovernmental Report on Climate […]

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Mining tailings management with geosynthetics

June 30th, 2021

Tailings are by-products, the materials that remain after the process of separating the target mineral from the uneconomic fraction of an ore. They are different from the waste rock or other material that overlies an ore or mineral body, which are displaced during mining without being processed. Tailings can be liquid, solid or a slurry […]

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