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AASHTO reiterates concern over ‘Buy America’ rules

March 22, 2023

…America, Buy America” rules and the potential impact of those rules on critical infrastructure projects nationwide. AASHTO’s letter offers comments on OMB’s notice of proposed rulemaking or NPRM issued February…

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Geotextiles in agriculture and aquaculture

March 21, 2023

…waste containment and civil engineering applications. Information courtesy of AGRU America. References (1) S. K. Shukla. “Geosynthetics and ground engineering: sustainability considerations.” International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering. (2021).(2)…

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Watershed Geo technologies provide sustainable approach to preventing erosion with solar farms

March 14, 2023

…off the surface, enters the runoff water and is carried off the site. Watershed Geo’s two-component system consisting of a ClosureTurf® foundation and PowerCap™ solar system keeps everything in place,…

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Redi-Rock walls aid in innovative sewer and storm water solution

March 8, 2023

…During the 19th century, early settlers to Cincinnati, Ohio, followed the Lick Run valley and stream to settle in the developing city along the Ohio River. To control…

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Concrete protection and restoration with CPL

February 24, 2023

…and have good thermal insulation properties. AGRU offers over 30 years of experience producing concrete protective liners (CPL) and leads the industry with innovations, including AGRU-ULTRA GRIP® with a revolutionary…

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Biden touts infrastructure in State of the Union address

February 13, 2023

…across America.” President Biden also highlighted the introduction of new “Buy America” rules to govern sourcing of materials for those projects. “[These] new standards require all construction materials used in…

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Erosion control history and evolution

February 1, 2023

…a substantial contribution to the science of erosion control and environmental preservation. Sediment is only one of the many pollutants that can be carried by stormwater runoff. The United States…

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Vegetated long-term solution for fly ash landfill capping project

February 1, 2023

…to close the plant was made to address the recently approved revisions to the Multi-Pollutant Standards rule from the Illinois Pollution Control Board. As a part of the plant retirement,…

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The importance of soil resources: Overlooked and undervalued?

January 19, 2023

…Figure 3. Use of soil erosion plots to measure runoff and sediment from agricultural land. Other measures being evaluated include mulching, direct drilling12, strip tillage, erosion control blankets13 and use…

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Dewatering bags – How do they work?

January 16, 2023

…Primarily used for Best Management Practice (BMP) purposes to prevent the runoff and flow of contaminants and sediment into local bodies of water, dewatering bags are also used to expedite…

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