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Caltrans bets on Tensar geosynthetic-reinforced chip seal for pavement

November 4, 2021

…District 9 (Bishop) for more than 22 years, John Fox has overseen thousands of miles of pavement-preservation treatments, including polymer-modified, gap-graded pavements; dense-graded pavements; asphalt rubber seals; microsurfacing; and a…

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Geosynthetic solutions to improve safety in mining applications

October 6, 2021

…Photograph courtesy of AGRU America What do Tesla, Apple and Ford have in common? They all rely on mines that produce metals like lithium, which drives our technology-hungry…

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Using bentonite-polymer composite geosynthetic clay liners to contain CCR leachates

October 1, 2021

…in other applications (EPRI 2009) (Figure 1). Land disposal of CCRs is regulated under the “coal ash rule” incorporated into Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)…

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Energy industries use HDPE liners for flowback water evaporation/recycling ponds

October 1, 2021

…enter the ponds because the constructed berms are several feet higher than the surrounding ground surface, and diversion and control ditches are used to direct the run-on and runoff for…

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HUESKER introduces new geotextile bag product and provides coastal protection with geotextile container systems

September 17, 2021

Ruestersieler Watt in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, in 1963. Over the years, two main systems have established themselves on the market today: large-format geotextile tubes filled hydraulically with sand (SoilTain Tubes) and…

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Using geosynthetics in mining heap leach pads

September 13, 2021

…(30 cm) of compacted clay. Therefore, using a GCL can significantly reduce material transportation costs and improve installation times. This article originally appeared on the AGRU America blog,….

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IFAI Expo: The industry in person

September 1, 2021

Run/Walk Tuesday, Nov. 2 | 6:45 am Location: Meet at Omni Nashville entrance Tickets required. Member $25, nonmember $35. IFAI’s annual Fun Run/Walk is back, with a twist! Participants will…

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How to install a liner in a large pond

August 25, 2021

…An AGRU HDPE geomembrane installed in Tulfes, Austria. Photograph courtesy of AGRU Austria Ponds are useful in a variety of functions, serving in processes such as water treatment,…

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DFI announces winners of the 2021 Student Paper Competition

August 4, 2021

…Masud, graduate research assistants at the University of Wyoming in Laramie are the runners-up of the Student Paper Competition. Their paper, “Improved Estimation of Pile Resistances in Intermediate Geomaterials Using…

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Koerner Lecture: Geosynthetic-reinforced column-supported embankments: Improving practice with better theory

August 1, 2021

Russell et al. (2003). Both models considered the three-dimensional effect of column patterns. In addition to soil arching, design of GRCS embankments must determine the required maximum tension in the…

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