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Koerner Lecture: Geosynthetic-reinforced column-supported embankments: Improving practice with better theory

August 1, 2021

Russell et al. (2003). Both models considered the three-dimensional effect of column patterns. In addition to soil arching, design of GRCS embankments must determine the required maximum tension in the…

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Safe filling in geotextile tube dewatering

July 22, 2021

…risk of a rupture.  With this traditional manufacturing method, the fill opening interrupts the woven structure of the material, reducing the strength at the location of the fill opening. This leads to an overall reduction in the safety factor and in the maximum…

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GMA releases full schedule for GeoNashville 2021

July 16, 2021

…2:30–4 pm | Panel Discussion | Innovative Technology Spotlight Panelists: Representatives from AGRU America, BASELOK® by Industrial Fabrics Inc., Solmax, TenCate Geosynthetics and Tensar Corp. 4–5 pm | Networking Reception…

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Tips on choosing a high-quality landfill cover

July 8, 2021

…more reliable than on-site services, resulting in a cover that is unlikely to leak while stretching across the entire face in one continuous sheet. This offers the best runoff control…

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Watershed Geo recognized with MSW management innovator award

July 2, 2021

…to destroy land for borrow, clean water runoff, less fuel consumption, better emissions capture, and, overall, a lot less impact to the community on traffic, noise and dust. One of…

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Mining tailings management with geosynthetics

June 30, 2021

…the storage of mine waste more secure. In the past, tailings were disposed of in the most convenient manner, such as in downstream running water or down drains. However, due…

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ASCE 2021 Infrastructure Report Card: Five segments where geomembranes offer cost-effective solutions

June 25, 2021

…Polluted runoff alone currently impairs more than 13 million acres in the U.S., in addition to damage from urban flooding. Stormwater utility creation is having a positive impact, but continuing…

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NPA geocell for railway line repair in permafrost region

June 1, 2021

…and using the available resources in that area was proposed. Considering the general rule recommended by Pokharel et al. (2017) for other pavement structures, the railway track was designed with…

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Registration is open for IFAI Expo 2021

May 10, 2021

…provide an opportunity to learn and connect with your industry peers. Click here to learn more. Keynote speaker Steve Rizzo Opening reception Industry night Fabric Structures Summit Downtown Nashville run run/walk…

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AGRU America receives FM Approval for its AGRULINE HDPE pipe fittings

April 13, 2021

…with FM Approval help certify that these products will perform under the toughest conditions. AGRU America, the market leader in pipe and fittings, has reached a new milestone by receiving…

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