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Geosynthetics in green roofs

August 1, 2022

…breathing problems for occupants, corrosion and rust of metals, rooftop flooding and high repair costs. To prevent such problems, it is essential to consider using geosynthetics for waterproofing instead of…

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Remembering AGRU America’s Rick Cannon

July 13, 2022

…Rick Cannon Rick Cannon, Chief Sales Officer at AGRU America, Inc., passed away on July 5, 2022, at his home in Blanco, Texas, after a long, courageous fight…

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5-Part Series (Part 1): Performance tests to ensure suitability for your application – 1.1 Abrasion Resistance

July 1, 2022

…Abrasion Resistance? Abrasion resistance performance test results can be defined as the ability of a surface to resist being worn away by rubbing or friction (Scott and Safiuddin, 2015). A…

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Formosa Plastics constructing $207 million HDPE geomembrane resin plant in Texas

June 17, 2022

…in Texas at a cost of $207 million. The projected completion date is October 2025, and mass production is scheduled for December of that year following a trial run. When…

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Multi-linear drainage geocomposites for railways

June 1, 2022

…geotextiles that are needlepunched with perforated, corrugated polypropylene mini-pipes evenly spaced inside and running the length of the roll. The mini-pipes have two perforations per corrugation at 180˚ and alternating…

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Landfill closure best practices

April 19, 2022

…AGRU America Inc. explores landfill closure regulations and requirements, highlighting landfill closure best practices from the perspective of a geosynthetics manufacturer. In partnership with Watershed Geosynthetics LLC, AGRU

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Choosing soil stabilization geosynthetics

April 12, 2022

…stabilize the subgrade used a nonwoven geotextile and 2–3 feet (0.6–0.9 m) of rock. But the roads quickly rutted and became unserviceable for dump trucks. Time was of the essence…

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MSE retaining wall drainage and pile obstructions

April 5, 2022

…gutter line, it is beneficial to use transverse exit pipes to connect beyond the end of the select backfill zone and to run the longitudinal pipes behind the back of…

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Geocells and geotextiles for separation/reinforcement at an oil-drilling platform

April 1, 2022

…site, large ruts were continually being formed from heavy vehicles. The challenge was to provide a solution that was less expensive than conventional “rig or swamp matting” and that could…

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Geosynthetics for stormwater tank encapsulation

March 31, 2022

…the pros and cons of flat bottom and arched tank types. In a typical urban setting, runoff from impervious surfaces—such as pavement and rooftops—should be managed effectively so it is…

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