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Freudenberg’s second geotextile line in Russia

August 23, 2010

…The Italian roofing insulation company, Freudenberg Politex, has invested $1.6m to install a new geotextile nonwovens line at its plant in Zavolzhie, in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region, according…

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Building an urban rain garden in Indianapolis

August 19, 2010

…Inc. in September 2009 about providing a watertight rubber liner for the project. The rain garden, which began construction in April 2010, is located outside The Athenaeum Foundation building on…

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GMA responds to EPA on coal ash issue

August 18, 2010

…Solid Waste Management System; Identification and Listing of Special Wastes; Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals From Electric Utilities; Proposed Rule Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-RCRA-2009-0640-0352 Environmental Protection and Structural Integrity with…

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GMA pushes onward for coal-ash containment liners

August 1, 2010

…regulations will have a tremendous impact on the geosynthetic materials market in the U.S. The proposed rules will apply to all new and all existing sites. Geomembranes and GCLs will…

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Award-winning landfill cap in Colorado

August 1, 2010

…cushioning layer. One of the most innovative portions of the project was the use of approximately 100,000 tons of recycled crushed concrete aggregate from the old Stapleton Airport runways in…

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GeoAmericas 2012 announced

July 22, 2010

…GeoAmericas 2012, the 2nd Pan-American Geosynthetics Congress, will be May 6-9, 2012, at the Swissôtel in Lima, Peru. It is organized by IGS Peru, under the auspices of…

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Geosynthetic reinforced walls and steep slopes: Is it magic?

June 1, 2010

…thinking, relying on it in engineering is undesirable because it could lead to overly expensive structures or, worse, unsafe practice. Hence, designers use rules stemming from mechanics that follow the…

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L.A. may require stormwater capture

April 1, 2010

…A proposed city ordinance would require residential and commercial developments in Los Angeles to capture and reuse runoff generated in rainstorms. The proposal was originally approved in January…

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Synthetic turf system stops erosion … for starters

February 1, 2010

…the spring 2009 runoffs that they became truly convinced of the new turf system’s ability to provide long-term erosion control. The friction characteristics of the cover are detailed in Figure…

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Floating geomembrane cover improves biogas collection, heat retention, and odor control

October 7, 2009

…markets. Along with the Cardinal facility’s high volume of corn processing production—it runs 24/7—is the plant’s need to process a continuous effluent of organic waste. An average of 792,000 gallons…

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