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Evaluating the benefits of geogrid in foundation applications with onsite testing

November 1, 2022

…geosynthetic are generally designed to extend the life of the pavement by reducing rutting. We already have quantifiable data for that, but not so much for shallow foundation applications, such…

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Industrial concrete protective liner applications

October 26, 2022

…to the material’s exceptional corrosion resistance and high durability. For more information visit Agru America. References (1) B. P. Zlobenko. “Assessment of the Biodegradability of Containers for Low and Intermediate…

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Webinar – Port and intermodal yard stabilization with GEOWEB 3D soil confinement system – Nov. 1

October 25, 2022

…or port facility yard’s surface and subbase materials to degrade. This instability of the base materials causes rutting, potholes, and even pavement failure. These surface problems can require costly maintenance,…

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2022 Tensar InterAxion Conference begins November 14

October 19, 2022

…The 2022 Tensar InterAxion Conference is a global, virtual event highlighting the need for innovation in the construction industry. This year the conference will run November 14 through…

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Contech webinar – Explore Your Options: Stormwater Treatment Solutions Used on Publicly Funded Projects – October 19

October 18, 2022

…water quality goals on a green street retrofit project in Montgomery County, Md.• How a runway realignment at the Pullman Moscow Regional Airport in Pullman, Wash. used detention, filtration, and…

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5-Part Series (Part 5): Chemical resistance

October 11, 2022

…protect the geofoam from potential exposure from fuel or chemical spills. TPU (Thermoplastic Poly Urethane) TPU’s chemistry will determine how it performs in specific environments. As a general rule Polyether…

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Toowoomba landfill undergoing $5.3 million vertical expansion with piggy-back geomembrane liner

October 6, 2022

…project, in conjunction with Queensland firm LGI, to supply up to 50% of the power to run the nearby Wetalla Water Reclamation Facility via a 1,000 kilowatt gas-fired generator.”…

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TSMO award winners announced

October 4, 2022

…to Route 1 Using TSMO, which alleviated congestion using existing pavement and Hard Shoulder Runner or HSR – a key TSMO strategy that incorporates Intelligent Transportation Systems technology including digital…

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Geomembrane destructive testing

October 1, 2022

…or, at the latest, the beginning of the next working day. Figure 2. AGRU HDPE geomembrane with Clean Seam™ Taped geomembrane edges AGRU America Inc. developed its Clean Seam technology…

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Green MSE walls and erosion and sediment control applications

October 1, 2022

…construction (erosion control), addressing stormwater contaminated with sediment-laden runoff during construction (sediment control), and providing successful revegetation after construction activities are all challenges that are commonly solved by members of…

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