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‘Plastic roads’ are paved with good intention

December 26, 2022

running a pilot program that combines recycled plastic bottle pellets with an asphalt mix to pave the road. “You can do theoretical stuff in a lab, but this is actually…

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2022 STIC Excellence Award winners announced

December 21, 2022

…The Ohio STIC expanded its membership to rural transportation planning organizations and higher education institutions while strengthening its ties with the DOT Lean Team and Research Programs. This expanded membership…

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USDOT preps $1.5B In RAISE grants for fiscal year 2023

December 20, 2022

…support through other USDOT grant programs. Meanwhile, the RAISE program dedicates half of its grants to rural projects, with the other half supporting urban projects. Formerly known as the Better Utilizing…

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Polyester TPU  Vs. Polyether TPU: Selecting the right one

December 13, 2022

…excellent abrasion resistance . They have far greater wear resistance than metals, plastics, and other rubbers. Abrasion resistance comes in two forms: sliding and impingement. Impingement refers to particles or…

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Cook Islands weighs up geotextile bags and containers options to prevent coastal erosion

December 12, 2022

…especially during high tides or stormy weather. The project involves the partial excavation and removal of the existing bags full of coral rubble and sand, which are a legacy from…

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Webinar – Extend the Life of Paved/Unpaved Roadways with Geocells – December 13

December 12, 2022

…unpaved roadway projects with the GEOWEB Soil Stabilization System. When paved and unpaved roadway surfaces are built over weak subgrades, base deterioration can lead to degradation. This causes unwanted deflections, rutting,…

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Geo-Institute web conference – December 5-9

December 2, 2022

…by top geotechnical professionals. Each session will run for 2 hours and will include opportunities to interact with presenters and sponsors. Each registrant can earn 2.0 Professional Development Hours (2.0…

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Alabama DOT improves dewatering performance of silt fence

November 30, 2022

…stability, facilitates site dewatering and drying from 24+ hours to four hours, and provides additional storage for subsequent runoff events with less risk of failure. Photo courtesy of Michael A….

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AGRU America wins IAPD Bronze Marketing Excellence Award

November 16, 2022

…The International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) has awarded AGRU America a Marketing Excellence Award in acknowledgment of innovative and exemplary marketing initiatives from mid-2021 through spring of…

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USDOT announces FHWA executive director

November 11, 2022

…Albany Law School, and her doctor of arts from the University at Albany (SUNY). She is a member of the New York State Bar and enjoys hiking and running….

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