An open solicitation to join in a round-robin effort to find a substitute for Igepal CO-630

June 1, 2021  |  GSI News

Improved stress-cracking resistance in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes has been a quest of our industry and a hot research topic for years. The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) has been working in this area since the mid-1980s.
Bituminous geomembrane for a South Australian mine

June 1, 2021  |  Case Studies, Final Inspection, News

The Oz Minerals Carrapateena mine is a copper-gold project located 99 miles (160 km) north of Port Augusta in South Australia. The ore is processed on-site to produce a gold-copper concentrate. A lined tailings storage facility (TSF) was required to receive the tailings by-product and protect the su…
Geosynthetics in action

June 1, 2021  |  Editorial

This issue of Geosynthetics magazine will focus on three distinct applications of geosynthetics. As the first feature, “NPA Geocell for a Railway Line Repair in a Permafrost Region,” describes, it took more than two years to come up with a workable, economical solution for repairs to the deterio…
GMA honors Jie Han with Dr. Robert M. Koerner Award and Lecture Series

June 1, 2021  |  News

The Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA), led by a Koerner awardee selection task force, selected Jie Han, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, as the recipient of the 2021–23 Dr. Robert M. Koerner Award and Lecture Series. The award and lecture series is named for the late Robert M. Koerner, Ph.D., the found…
OIT for UV and oven aging

June 1, 2021  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Q: I am contacting you in regard to the requirements for oxidative induction time (OIT) (standard [STD] and high pressure [HP]) in the GRI-GM13 specification for both ultraviolet light and oven aging. Do you need to conduct both OIT tests or just one or the other?