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Complex geosynthetic liner system for the 70 Ranch Raw Water Reservoir

April 1, 2022  |  Features

Irrigation water in the western United States has always been a major concern for farming and ranching, especially in drought years. Water can be both scarce and expensive, and planning for future water storage and accessibility based on projected use is of paramount importance for irrigation distri…
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Ultralightweight foamed glass aggregate as MSE wall backfill

April 1, 2022  |  Features

Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) systems are a popular and economical option to construct retaining walls for highways and railways, wingwalls and abutments for bridges, and numerous other applications for public and private development. An MSE wall is comprised of alternating layers of fill and …
Transforming the geosynthetics world

April 1, 2022  |  Editorial

In this special issue of Geosynthetics magazine, we examine the rapidly evolving world of geosynthetics and sustainability with the timely, future-oriented feature by geosynthetics veteran Boyd Ramsey, “Geosynthetics and Sustainability: How Is Our Industry Doing?” 
GMA returns to Washington

April 1, 2022  |  GMA News

As the pandemic (hopefully) begins to wane in the United States, the Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) is optimistic that the reopening of Washington, D.C., and congressional offices to in-person meetings will come alongside spring weather. GMA returns to Washington for our twice-yearly Lobby…
ACE Geosynthetics wins IAAs in the geosynthetics category

April 1, 2022  |  Industry News

The northern part of a highway interchange project in the Middle East is adjacent to a developing industrial park; a densely populated city is located to the west of the jobsite, and a planned residential area is to the east. Before construction, the roads in this area were always congested. An inte…
New GSI method for strain hardening of HDPE geomembranes

April 1, 2022  |  GSI News

Traditionally, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes are checked for stress crack resistance using the ASTM D5397 single point-notched constant tensile load (SP-NCTL) test (Hsuan, Lord and Koerner [1990]). This test uses notched specimens, surfactant, and elevated temperatures to accelerate …
GMA new and renewing members

April 1, 2022  |  Industry News, News

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Geocells and geotextiles for separation/reinforcement at an oil-drilling platform

April 1, 2022  |  Final Inspection

An Angle Energy Inc. oil drilling platform in northern Canada required year-round access for equipment to service and maintain a conventional wellsite pad. Several new wells were to be drilled on this pad, and since this location was not connected to a pipeline, continual heavy tanker truck traffic …
Welding HDPE geomembranes with biogas present

April 1, 2022  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Q: We are a Brazilian company specializing in biogas plants. We have built a big lagoon biodigester with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane cover. Now the cover is leaking liquid contained in the lagoon: We are organizing the repair procedure, and we would like to first investigate state…
NSF 61-certified HDPE geomembranes

April 1, 2022  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Q: Hi, we are looking for options for NSF 61-certified high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liners for installation in a potable water tank, 95th-percentile concentration of free chlorine in the tank is 1.2 ppm (1.2 mg/L). The current liner (60-mil [1.5-mm] textured HDPE, installed in 1999) is damaged a…