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Cation exchange processes in GCLs

October 20, 2023  |  Features

Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are multi-component materials commonly used in hydraulic barrier systems in applications ranging from different types of landfills to waste ponds to additional liquid containment applications. Conventional GCLs consist of a thin layer of montmorillonite clay (i.e., be…
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Leveraging soil nail technology for MSE retaining wall

October 10, 2023  |  Features

The Domain at Phipps Plaza is a luxury condominium development in the well-traveled and populated urban area of Buckhead in Atlanta, Ga. This 319-unit mid-rise residential complex is within a mixed-use area that incorporates hotels, office space, high-end shopping, theaters and restaurants.
Lining system supports upgrade at northern Nevada mine

October 1, 2023  |  Final Inspection

AGRU collaborated with a Nevada mine’s stakeholders to supply more than 12.2 million square feet (1.1 million m2) of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner to help a mining operation expand its capacity. The project’s proximity to AGRU’s regional plant, the AGRU liner’s welding edges, and th…
More good news for ATA members

October 1, 2023  |  Editorial

As most of you know, Geosynthetics magazine is a publication of the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA)—a member-owned, member-driven trade association representing the specialty fabrics and technical textiles industry to provide members with relevant information, sourcing solutions and networking…
IGS North America update: Two honors, two websites

October 1, 2023  |  IGS-NA

IGS North America (IGS-NA) has a couple of website updates to promote.
Lower trial weld strengths in polyethylene seams

October 1, 2023  |  GSI News

Polyethylene (PE) seaming techniques are used in the field to fabricate rolls of geomembranes into liner systems. There are two predominant methods used: hot wedge “fusion” welding and “extrusion” seaming. Over the past year, installers have noticed lower trial weld strength than in years pa…
Landfills and erosion control

October 1, 2023  |  ECTC News

Erosion control, sediment control and revegetation are common at landfills. Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) is a leading industry organization home to top manufacturers of erosion and sediment control products, component suppliers, material distributors and test laboratories. ECTC members …
Interpreting and monitoring the final Buy America guidelines

October 1, 2023  |  GMA News

As I sat down to write this article, the final rule for the Guidance for Grants and Agreements from the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had been posted on the Federal Register (FR) with a 60-day notice to take effect October 23, 2023.
A look at Geotechnical Frontiers 2025

October 1, 2023  |  News

What is Geotechnical Frontiers? Geotechnical Frontiers is a specialty conference event combining the biennial Geosynthetics Conference and the Geo-Institute’s annual Geo-Congress. Generally held every six years (the pandemic pushed this one to eight years), this event is where the industry unites …
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Airports zone in on geosynthetics

October 1, 2023  |  Features

Airport runways are not mere roads. They need to be built smoother and stronger to support the loads of jet planes without buckling under the weight, which is no small task in areas that may be swampy, dry, or subject to heavy rains, earthquakes or myriad other challenging soil conditions.