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Lake Forest reservoir relining and floating cover

August 29, 2023  |  Features

Geosynthetic floating covers provide a highly sustainable and economical method of protecting and treating fresh and potable water. They are designed to protect fresh water from environmental contamination while eliminating water losses due to evaporation. Case in point is the Seattle Public Utiliti…
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Searching to maximize stress reduction ratio with biaxial geogrids and timber piling

August 10, 2023  |  Features

Some projects almost design themselves. Dense sand? Very stiff clayey soils? Deep groundwater? Well, projects within the collar counties surrounding Cook County and the city of Chicago occasionally encounter a different sort of soil beast: peat and muck. Largely plant-based deposits settled in kettl…
Cross USA Lecture Tour

August 1, 2023  |  Editorial

If you haven’t had a chance to catch the Geo-Institute (G-I) of the American Society of Civil Engineers 2022–2023 Cross-USA Lecture Tour, you still have a few opportunities to do so. This ongoing program for local G-I chapters and graduate student organizations is available to enhance the presti…
Four Pillars Of Geosynthetic Sustainability

August 1, 2023  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Q: How is geosynthetic sustainability as compared with conventional construction materials like soil, concrete and steel?
Bridging or trampolining during liner installation

August 1, 2023  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Q: Why is it required that there be no bridging or trampolining during liner installation at any temperature?
Equipment on deployed geosynthetics

August 1, 2023  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Q: I’m hoping you can resolve a disagreement among coworkers regarding construction quality assurance (CQA). I’m asking what is published and/or your opinion. It involves traffic on geomembrane. Is it now industry standard to allow skid steers and/or ATVs to operate directly on a geomembrane? It…
Seeding procedures for erosion control blankets and turf reinforcement mats

August 1, 2023  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Q: Do I seed below or above erosion control blankets (ECBs) or turf reinforcement mats (TRMs)?
The challenge of geomembrane wild edge thickness

August 1, 2023  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Q: Over the past several years, we have seen a reduction in thickness of the weld edge (smooth edge) of textured geomembranes. This is presenting a challenge for installers when trying to achieve passing trial seams in the field prior to production welding. Destructive seam tests are passing, but ju…
ATA restructures several divisions, launches redesigned website

August 1, 2023  |  Update

After much thought and discussion with its board of directors, division advisory board leadership and other stakeholders, the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) has restructured some of its divisions to create greater member engagement, improve staff and volunteer efficiency, and allow for a focus …
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Best practices-Working toward zero leaks

August 1, 2023  |  Features

The Uinta Basin in northeast Utah is known for its extensive in-place oil shale resource. Because this area produces crude with low containment levels, it contributes to the production of fuels that are compliant with the most rigorous environmental standards. When XCL Resources was tasked with buil…