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Performance, design, and redundancy

June 1, 2013

Geosynthetic reinforced walls in the public sector By Dov Leshchinsky and Fumio Tatsuoka Introduction Geosynthetic reinforced soil can be viewed as a subset area of slope stability. In slope stability analysis, the factor of safety signifies the margin of safety against failure. It physically means that its reciprocal value signifies the average mobilization or utilization …

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Dominican Republic farm road improved with new retaining walls

Geogrid reinforcement improves access. By Ángel Conde Introduction The 25-km dirt road from Jarabacoa to Constanza in the mountainous central region of the Dominican Republic has long been a lifeline for local farmers transporting their bananas, vegetables, strawberries, coffee, and flowers. But the road suffered from landslides, severe erosion, and uneven surfaces, which slowed the …

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Finding GRI-GG2

From the GMA Techline RE: GRI-GG2 A question from Germany We are searching for the actual version of GRI-GG2. My latest version is from 2000. What is the newest version? Where can I get it? With kind regards. Reply: Our latest revision of GRI-GG2 on geogrid junction strength is Revision 3—Aug. 1, 2005. We will …

New geogrid now available to UK rail sector

May 3, 2013

Keyline-Tensar partnership offers large-aperture geogrid Construction supplier Keyline has teamed with Tensar International to offer new technology for the U.K. rail sector—a geogrid for better mechanical stabilization of rail track beds. The new product (TX190L) is a large-aperture geogrid designed to delay track deformation and reduce maintenance calls, making it a potential solution for weak …

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Use of geosynthetics in wind farm access roads

April 1, 2013

Case histories from Poland, Canada, and U.S. By Stephan M. Gale, P.E., D.GE., Mark Kurtz, Fred Chuck, P.E., and Dick Janse Introduction The location of a renewable energy project is based on many technical and political issues. Sites are selected because of available wind forces, power distribution, and land leasing issues, but not normally on …

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Geosynthetic solutions for Northumberlandia

February 1, 2013

The largest human form sculpted into the landscape By Patricia Guerra Escobar 1. Introduction 1.1 Project concept Northumberlandia is the world’s largest human form sculpted into the landscape, designed by renowned landscape architect and artist, Charles Jencks. The woman earth sculpture is lying at the entrance of a surface coal mine in southeast Northumberland, near …

Tensar to build new plant in Russia

October 30, 2012

Geogrid manufacturer continues global expansion with new facility near Saint Petersburg Atlanta-based Tensar International announced in an Oct. 30 press release that it has signed an agreement to build a manufacturing plant in Russia. Tensar is the majority shareholder in this joint venture (JV), with remaining investment coming from Russian partners, including Russian distribution and …

Syntec geogrids in 16ft-wide rolls

September 13, 2012

To minimize overlaps, optimize shipping Syntec now offers Type 1 and Type 2 biaxial geogrids in 16ft-wide rolls, according to a recent press release from the company. The release noted that the wider rolls can reduce shipping costs, minimize waste lost to overlaps, and reduce construction time. The new wider rolls are standard stock and …

Tensar’s geogrids complete new audit for geosynthetic reinforcements

August 15, 2012

Conducted by National Transportation Product Evaluation Program Alpharetta, Ga.-based Tensar International announced in an Aug. 13 press release that its high-density polyethylene (HDPE) uniaxial (UX) geogrid product line successfully completed the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program’s (NTPEP) on-site audit. As the on-site audit was added just last year to the program, Tensar’s UX geogrids are …

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Sustainability contribution by MSE berms at landfills

August 1, 2012

The articles in this series encompass all types of geosynthetics and their applications viewed from the context of sustainability. Traditional solutions are compared with geosynthetic solutions from both cost and carbon footprint perspectives. (from the Geosynthetic Research Institute’s 24th conference, 2011) Abstract Mechanically-stabilized earth (MSE) berms are increasingly utilized by landfill owners to efficiently create …