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Flood impact reduction and streambank repair along Spy Run Creek

April 1, 2017

Background Spy Run Creek in Fort Wayne, Ind., is a 10-mile watercourse that drains several square miles on the northwest side of Fort Wayne. Spy Run Creek empties into the St. Mary’s River in downtown Fort Wayne, just upstream from its confluence with the St. Joseph River. The St. Mary’s and the St. Joseph rivers …

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Part 1: Functions and applications of geosynthetics in roadways

February 1, 2017

Introduction The geosynthetic products most commonly used in roadway systems include geotextiles (woven and nonwoven) and geogrids (biaxial and multiaxial), although erosion-control products, geocells, geonets (or geocomposite drainage products), and geomembranes have also been incorporated in a number of projects. These various types of geosynthetics can be used to fulfill one or more specific functions …

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Oh no! The GCL got wet! Now what?

Authors’ note: The conditions This project started in central California in July 2014, and we watched the weather forecasts on the nightly news and we were calm. A few weeks later, the project is running longer than expected, and now we are watching the Weather Channel and reading Weather Underground and Accuweather with more interest …

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Questions and answers from the GMA Techline

Spraying? Shear Strength? Hydraulics? [A more] non-permeable GT? Q: I have received an inquiry for a non-permeable geotextile, which is UV-resistant and will be installed on a long slope for erosion control. Could you kindly recommend a product that would meet these requirements or a solution for this application? Your assistance with this is much …

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Case Study: Capping semi-liquid solids with geosynthetic layers

October 1, 2016

Introduction A U.S.-based polyethylene and polyester resin/polymer producer recently closed a manufacturing facility in Wilmington, N.C. (Photo 1). The company hired an engineering firm to manage the demolition and removal of the expansive structures and infrastructure. Part of the environmental responsibilities was to also find a viable solution for closing a 12-acre sludge basin. But …

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Geomembrane waterproofing for a 10-mile wooden flume

Introduction In 2015, a private hydroelectric company in Washington state was looking to install a geosynthetic liner as part of a 16-km (10-mi) elevated wood and metal structure for conveying water—a flume. The project was located near Mount Rainier (Photo 1) about 50 miles southeast of Seattle in southwestern Washington’s Pierce County. The owner operates …

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Devoted to geosynthetics for the long haul

Bob Koerner has devoted more than 40 years of his life to the advancement of geosynthetics, and he’s still pushing the industry forward. Introduction When Dr. Robert M. Koerner talks about geosynthetics, the cadence of his speech quickens and the passion behind his words suggests that geotextiles, geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners and geogrids (to name …

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Behind the [turbidity] curtain

Geosynthetics and marine construction near Golden Gate Bridge Introduction Marine construction projects often materialize with different sets of construction obstacles. In addition to the challenge of building stable structures in and under water, the environmental impact of construction must be limited. Creative and inventive methods for mitigating environmental contamination range from artificial habitat creation to …

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Reviving the Palos Verdes Reservoir

Introduction California is home to one of the most active water resource infrastructure sectors. Geosynthetics can play an enormous role with the creation and rehabilitation of these water resources. The 76-year-old Palos Verdes Reservoir in Los Angeles County provides an exemplary case (Photo A). The 360-million-gallon cell is currently undergoing an update that will greatly …

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Wetlands restoration at San Pablo Bay

August 1, 2016

How geofoam, as lightweight structural fill, solved a variety of construction challenges on a roadway embankment project in support of wetlands restoration in Northern California Introduction As those in the design and construction community know well, every project is slightly different from the last regardless of how many times similar challenges have been faced. When …