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Berm is working on the railroad

April 1, 2006

Geosynthetic solution offers both separation and reinforcement for this Canadian rail project. Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) is renowned for building rail lines through some of North America’s toughest terrain. Just west of Kenora, Ontario, near the Manitoba/Ontario border, the main CPR track crosses the Telford Marsh, an area of weak organic soil. A 250 m …

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Geotextiles in unpaved roads: A 35-year case history

By William M. Hawkins Abstract This article presents current information on geotextiles installed experimentally in an unpaved road 35 years ago. In 1972, geotextiles were largely untested, and the site was set up as an accelerated field test to determine the comparative performances of several fabrics for use as a geotextile. But because the site …