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Case history: “Intelligent” geosynthetics

June 1, 2008

Reinforcement and deformation monitoring of a railway embankment in France Compiled and edited by Ron Bygness Introduction This project was the first practical realization of the RAFAEL research project for the use of high-strength geosynthetics for base courses over cavities, including the first “intelligent” geosynthetic. This product combines the benefits of a high-strength geocomposite with …

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Geogrid slope reinforcement, track refurbishing for German rail lines

Compiled and edited by Ron Bygness Hallstadt rail crossing An existing railroad crossing in the Hallstadt section of railroad track 5100, from Bamberg to Hof (Saale), had to remain open for rail traffic, but had to be replaced by an underpass for the street. An underpass for Michelin Street, under the railroad tracks, had to …

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Repairing Yi-Lan-I Road in Taiwan

April 1, 2008

By Vincent Ho and Steven Chang Introduction Stretches of the Yi-Lan-I Road in Taiwan are located more than 3,200ft (1,000m) above sea level. It’s an important road that provides the primary access to the National Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area. But during a particularly rainy 75-day period (mid-July through September 2005), the region experienced abundant rainfall …

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Geogrid-reinforced roads aid wind farm’s installation of giant turbines

October 1, 2007

Introduction Development of the Maple Ridge Wind Farm required stability improvement to the subgrade of 26 miles of access roads to the locations of the farm’s wind turbines. A successful road design solution resulted following the installation of 463,000yds2 of geogrid. Project site The Maple Ridge Wind Farm near Lowville in upstate New York is …

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Road realignment, a sediment pond and an unsuspected spring play part in county project

August 1, 2007

By Lawrence Berkland, CPESC Introduction This project showcases the use of a geosynthetic drainage system as an outfall for a sediment pond, and the accompanying road realignment, both built in Steele County, Minn., in 2006. In this example, the land usage was primarily agricultural, the watershed approximately 90 acres, and the disturbed area about 5 …

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Highways for LIFE: Changing the way today’s infrastructure is built

Mission The purpose of Highways for LIFE is to advance Long-lasting highways using Innovative technologies and practices to accomplish Fast construction of Efficient and safe pavements and bridges, with the overall goal of improving the driving experience for America. HfL goals It’s a new way of doing business. Just as the construction of the U.S. …

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Five-year CalTrans freeway project is nearing completion in San Diego

February 1, 2007

From the 2006 International Achievement Awards for Geosynthetic Projects Introduction In an effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety conditions in northern San Diego, the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) is adding lanes and creating a truck bypass at the Interstate 5/805 junction. A unique portion of this project is the construction of a …

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Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of four pavement treatments

October 1, 2006

Selecting a smart and efficient road-maintenance strategy. By Jamie Swedberg, Ron Bygness, and C. Joel Sprague A study evaluating the cost-effectiveness of using paving fabrics in roadway maintenance projects is getting a new look. The original work was a comprehensive study of pavement repair materials and methods. It examined maintenance treatments on 370 roads in …

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ASD and LRFD of reinforced SRW with the use of software Program MSEW(3.0)

August 1, 2006

By Dov Leshchinsky Introduction The title of this article contains enough acronyms to confuse even the best engineers. Imagine the confusion when the abbreviations have to be translated into numbers followed by a structure. To alleviate some of the concern, here are the literal conversions: ASD=Allowable Stress Design (e.g., AASHTO 1998, 2002; or NCMA in …

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Geofoam provides lightweight fill for York Bridge in Washington

A King County DOT bridge project illustrates the use of geofoam fill. Abstract An interesting project under way in the Seattle area is the reconstruction of the York Bridge on Northeast 116th Street north of Redmond, Wash. After the supports for the new bridge were completed, crews worked on the deck and approach roadways using …