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Use of geosynthetics in deicing facilities at the Cleveland airport

June 1, 2007

Using GCLs and a cellular confinement system, the objective was todesign and construct a centralized deicing pad where fluid could beapplied and collected in a fully controlled manner. By Daniel Petno and Chris Athanassopoulos Introduction The design and construction of a new centralized deicing facility at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport (CLE) involved several geosynthetic applications, including …

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Experience with GCLs used as a conductive layer in geomembrane leak-location surveys

By Glenn Darilek and Daren Laine Engineers, installers, regulators, and owners are starting to rely on geomembrane leak-location surveys as part of the construction quality assurance for landfills. The various methods are described in ASTM Standard D 6747.1 Standard procedures for conducting leak-location surveys of geomembranes covered with earth materials are described in ASTM Standard …

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Geotube dewatering containers help in cleanup of the Fox River

August 1, 2006

Cleansing the Fox: Decades of PCB contamination in Wisconsin’s lower Fox River will take decades to clean up. Today, geotextile dewatering containers are helping with that job at the Fox’s Little Lake Butte des Morts The largest river cleanup project ever attempted in North America is using geotextile tubes as a key component in the …

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GCLs used for airport runways in France, containment at gold mine in Saudi Arabia

June 1, 2006

Master Drainage Plan, Line E, San Jacinto Basin One of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe in recent years has been in Toulouse, France, at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport and the adjacent Airbus-France facility where the new Airbus A-380s are built. During the course of this construction project, hangars were built to house the wide-bodied A-380 …