GMA elects Selander as vice chair

March 7, 2022  |  GMA News

GMA elects Selander of Willacoochee Industrial Fabrics Inc. as the association’s executive council vice chair, finishing the term of Thaxton.
GMA spring Lobby Day 2022 registration opens

March 4, 2022  |  GMA News

Participants will visit with representatives and their staffs at GMA spring Lobby Day 2022, May 11–12, 2022, in Washington, D.C.
Geocells for redevelopment on closed landfills

March 3, 2022  |  Products

Presto GeoSystems asserts the GEOWEB Soil Stabilization System incorporates effective geocells for redevelopment challenges of closed landfills.
IGS offers introductory geosynthetics videos

March 2, 2022  |  Industry News

IGS offers geosynthetics videos for students/educators to learn more about/to learn to teach about geosynthetics.
New erosion control venture combines companies

March 1, 2022  |  Industry News

Clearwell Group's new erosion control venture combines four erosion control services businesses under Valor Environmental.
Monitoring/mitigating geohazards is focus of new group

February 28, 2022  |  Industry News

GeoStabilizaton International expands capabilities, using geospatial data/proprietary analytics to increase proficiently in risk management.
GSI agriculture/aquaculture webinar upcoming

February 25, 2022  |  Events

Geosynthetic Institute agriculture/aquaculture webinar on March 16, 2022, will focus on geosynthetics in farming and fish farming operations.
Free Geosynthetics Conference archive launches

February 25, 2022  |  Case Studies, IFAI Events

The conference’s organizers have made available 1,500 white papers and dozens of videos in the online, free Geosynthetics Conference archive.
Geotechnical materials testing lab opens in Georgia

February 24, 2022  |  Industry News

The geotechnical construction materials testing lab for Golder Associates will test geosynthetic, geotechnical, aggregate and concrete materials.
Geosynthetics for Alaska landfill closure

February 23, 2022  |  Case Studies

Solmax provides a combination of geosynthetics for Alaska landfill closure project with multiple challenges.