Central Valley Project

January 1, 1970  |  News

By Jessica Bies Encompassing 35 counties, California’s Central Valley Project provides electrical power and water to farms, homes, and factories located within a 500-mile north-south stretch. One of the largest water conservation developments in the U.S., it was constructed to protect the Central …
The influence of geogrid’s geometry and structure on interface behavior

January 1, 1970  |  Features

European experience in pullout tests By Daniele Cazzuffi, Lidia Sarah Calvarano, Giuseppe Cardile, Nicola Moraci, and Piergiorgio Recalcati 1. Introduction The use of geosynthetics to improve the soil mechanical response has become increasingly common practice in geotechnical engineering application…
How do wick drains work?

January 1, 1970  |  Products

By Ron Bygness The term wick drain is a misnomer because these clever devices do not actually wick away water. Wick drains, perhaps more accurately called strip or prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs), accelerate preconstruction soil consolidation. The drains are composed of a plastic strip with dra…
A CSPE (Hypalon) primer

January 1, 1970  |  Products

By Steve Roades Chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) geomembranes have a history of providing long-term performance in exposed environments. These geosynthetic barriers are increasingly referred to generically as CSM, but many people still refer to them by the no-longer-produced Hypalon elastomer br…
Lake Tahoe bluff-restoration project recognized

January 1, 1970  |  Awards

By James Chinchiolo The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) recognized recipients of the 2010 Best in the Basin Awards during its Feb. 23 meeting at the North Tahoe Event Center in Kings Beach, Calif. This project was recognized with a Best of the Basin award in the Residential Modification/Shorez…
More historical notes from the early days of shear tests

January 1, 1970  |  News

By J.P. Giroud To: Allan J. Breitenbach From: J.P. Giroud Copy to: Ron Bygness Subject: Comments on article about the history of geomembrane interface strength tests Geosynthetics Dear Allan, I read with great interest your article in the February-March issue of Geosynthetics on the history of geome…
Mattex names director of geosynthetics

January 1, 1970  |  News

Mattex has named Philippe Grimmelprez the company’s director of geosynthetics. He is based in Dubai, UAE.
Toronto’s example of green roofs

January 1, 1970  |  News

In February 2006, the city government of Toronto, Ontario, approved “Making Green Roofs Happen,” a strategy that commits to installing green roofs on new and existing buildings. Among other recommendations, the policy calls for financial incentives for privately owned green roofs in the city. Th…
Using expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam in road and bridge projects

January 1, 1970  |  Case Studies

Problem: Highway capacity is insufficient to meet growing demand Traffic congestion on highways in the United States continues to be an area of concern to the traveling public, and to roadway managers. Every year, congestion continues to grow as vehicle travel increases and the nation’s bridges an…
Report from Steven L. Stockton, Deputy Director of Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

January 1, 1970  |  GMA News

Steve Stockton began his presentation to the GMA Executive Council last summer by noting that the current U.S. infrastructure is aging and that there is a great need for rehabilitation of the infrastructure to prolong its lifespan, and also the need to construct new and stronger infrastructure. He s…