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AGRU America promotes three

September 22, 2022

…AGRU America has promoted Chris Eichelberger to vice president of geosynthetics; Michael Gnau, P.E., to vice president – eastern region sales, and Walt Steinbeck to western region manager. …

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DFI Educational Trust awards record amount of scholarships

September 13, 2022

…450 students,” says Rudy Frizzi of LANGAN and chair of the DFI Educational Trust. “Our work to attract the best and brightest students to the industry continues. The trust has…

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Tiltex completes water infiltration barrier and erosion control protection to reinforced earth wall

September 12, 2022

…Tiltex Australia has completed a major water infiltration barrier and erosion control installation to the Run of Mine (ROM) Wall Crusher A project at the Iron Bridge mine…

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5-Part Series (Part 4): Cold Resistance

September 9, 2022

…and allowing it to slither over another at moderate temperatures giving the polymer a rubbery feel. But as the temperature is lowered, most polymers lose their flexibility and begin to…

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Presto Geosystems Webinar – Permanent Stabilization for Roads, Highways and Bridges – September 13

September 8, 2022

…to use geocells to help manage stormwater runoff alongside roads and prolong pavement life. Infrastructure development for highways and road corridors faces many challenges when it comes to project design…

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How does geofoam support green roofs?

August 31, 2022

…that are urban oases of abundant vegetation.­­ Green roofs provide excellent external roof insulation while reducing heat island effects, wherein urban areas are significantly hotter than their rural surroundings. They…

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Presto Geosystems unveils ATRA Key Connection Device

August 26, 2022

…mechanical connections between GEOWEB sections with one quick and easy turn. The ATRA Keys are three times faster to install and three times stronger than more rudimentary connection methods, such…

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GEOWEB Load Support System provides soil stabilization solution for sawmill log yards

August 8, 2022

…Drainage issues and rutting not only created unsafe conditions for workers, but also wreaked havoc on machinery, resulting in increased equipment maintenance. To ensure a safe work environment for employees,…

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Reinforced soil wall with geogrids

August 1, 2022

…(6 m) from the highest point and the lowest point, so the area drains a lot of surface runoff when it rains. This runoff has managed to infiltrate the different…

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Geosynthetics in green roofs

August 1, 2022

…breathing problems for occupants, corrosion and rust of metals, rooftop flooding and high repair costs. To prevent such problems, it is essential to consider using geosynthetics for waterproofing instead of…

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