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Classic Minerals Limited completes Kat Gap HDPE lining project

News | May 9, 2023 | By:

Western Australia-based gold mining company Classic Minerals Limited reports that the construction activities for the Kat Gap processing facility are moving forward at the Kat Gap project located approximately 120 km south-east of Southern Cross, in Western Australia. The company has completed 100% of HDPE lining of the tailings dam facility (TSF).

The lining of the tailings dam was required to allow the company to use chemical reagents in the treatment process of the gold-bearing ore. These chemical reagents will enable the recovery of the remaining gold trapped in the ore after the gravity gold component has been removed by the Gekko plant.

The first stage of the TSF has been designed to accommodate up to 70,000 tonnes of tailings with capacity to increase holdings up to approximately 130,000 tonnes through a series of wall lifts. The TSF has been designed specifically to store these chemical reagents used during the treatment process of the Kat Gap ore.

The company is continuing to concentrate on other aspects of the site, including the installation and commissioning of the processing plant, the completion of the maintenance workshop fit out, and the erection of safety office and administrative buildings. The construction of the plant and site is progressing well, and Classic Minerals estimates that the commissioning of the TSF will be completed by the end of May.

The company will continue to provide regular updates to investors on the construction of the plant and site works, along with the commissioning program. Classic Minerals Limited is an exploration and development company focused on gold deposits in Western Australia’s famous Goldfields region. In March 2017, Classic acquired the Forrestania Gold Project, with seven tenements stretching across 450km2.

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