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International Geosynthetics Society launches Young Member Competition for 12th ICG

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Colosseum Amphitheater in Rome, Italy. Photograph courtesy Ank Kumar. Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Young Member Committee has set in motion the prestigious Young Member Competition for the 12th International Conference on Geosynthetics (ICG), Sept. 17–21, 2023, in Rome, Italy. Ten of the world’s best young researchers and engineers in geosynthetics will compete for the award for the best Young Member paper at the 12th ICG. The ten contestants will compete for the following prizes:

  • First prize of $1,000 and an exclusive interview with IGS News
  • Second prize of $600
  • Third prize of $300
  • All finalists will receive a certificate, and the conference registration fee for the ten finalists will be waived.

The IGS Young Members Session will take place on Sept. 20, 2023. The ten young members will be selected from the papers submitted based on the discretion of a jury. From these ten, the best lecturer will be selected based on the contents of the paper, style of the presentation and delivery.

Authors should be IGS members and younger than 36 years at the time of the event. Corresponding proof of membership and date of birth will be required. The candidate should be the first author of the paper and, in case you are chosen, also the presenter.

Abstracts should follow the guidelines of the 12th ICG and are due by Feb. 28, 2022. Please note the submission procedure below. Please contact the IGS Young Member Committee if you have any questions:

Important dates

  • Feb. 28, 2022: Deadline for abstract submission
  • Sept. 29, 2022: Deadline for full paper submission
  • Jan. 10, 2023: Announcement of ten finalists
  • March 30, 2023: Deadline for final paper submission

Submission procedure

  1. Submit your abstracts using the online submission system ConfTool (as for a regular paper).
  2. Select the topic “20. Young Member Competition” together with another possible “regular” topic (among those already available for the conference) that fits well with the paper content.
  3. Aspiring contestants also fill out the Google Drive form maintained by the IGS YMC to indicate their interest in the competition. If aspiring contestants in the Young IGS Members Session have already submitted an abstract for the main program of the 12 ICG, please inform us of the corresponding abstract number ( Young Members who have submitted abstracts before the competition was launched can also fill out the Google Drive form afterwards.
  4. Abstracts are reviewed following the processes put in place by the 12th ICG Technical Committee without any input from the IGS Young Member Committee.
  5. After the abstracts have been approved, Young Members have an additional opportunity to apply for the competition.
  6. Contestants and conference participants submit their papers following the conference procedures. Papers that are not approved for publication at the conference will not be considered for the competition.
  7. Papers from contestants are reviewed following the standard conference procedure. However, a jury rates the papers from the contestants.

The top ten authors selected will present in the Young Members Session at the conference where they will be judged by a jury for the final rankings. The remainder of the participants will be considered for presentation as standard technical sessions, per the conference guidelines.

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