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Reinforcement deformations

News, Q&A: GMA Techline | February 1, 2016 | By:

You made a presentation in Peru where you talked about a new method to calculate deformations on reinforced embankments. Now I am working on a project where the foundation needs to be, in part, over consolidated tailings. Even though we are putting rockfill embedded on the tailings, our pseudo-static analyses result in a FS of less than 1. Hence, we need to estimate the deformations that could affect the structure.

If you could send me the part of the presentation regarding this issue or recommend some references about the subject, I would appreciate it a lot.

Kenny | Peru


The part of the presentation to which you refer was on localized depressions in the subgrade, which are modeled geometrically insofar as width and depth of the depression. While stresses can be calculated, our focus is on tensile strain to see if the overlying geomembrane, GCL, or clay liner can withstand the induced strain without cracking or failing. We will send you the slides in this regard.

You ask about the deformations in the reinforcement supporting overlying embankments, a subject that has been in the geosynthetics literature many years—in this regard, work started by the U.S. Corps of Engineers in the 1980s. The analyses methods are based on limit equilibrium and result in a FS value. There are examples in my textbook, Designing with Geosynthetics, sixth edition. For reinforcement deformations, however, you would have to use an FEM or FDE approach; such work is also in the literature. Hope this helps.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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