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Geosynthetic Institute fellowships announced

News | September 2, 2015 | By:

The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI), with input from its Board of Directors, has made the selections for the 2015–2016 GSI Fellowship Awards. The program recognizes and supports outstanding students from around the world studying geosynthetics.

The GSI Fellowship program for this year was revised to include candidates pursuing a master’s degree as well as doctoral degrees. The award amount for this year’s fellowship program is $5,000 each. For the 2015–2016 awards, GSI received an all-time record of 21 new proposals.

For more information about the GSI Fellowships, contact Jamie Koerner.

The 12 recipients for the 2015–2016 GSI Fellowship Awards are:

No. Name University Advisor Topic
1-15 Beauragard, Melissa University of Colorado Jonathan Wu “Protocol for selecting wall facing for GS-reinforced structures”
2-15 Bester, Karl James University of Cape Town (South Africa) Kelvin Legge “Test methods for GT filters used in waterway engineering”
3-15 Bredacs, Marton Montan Universität (Austria) Gerald Pinter “Ageing mechanisms and lifetime assessment of PE tunnel liner”
4-15 Gutierrez, Angel Arizona State University Edward Kavazanjian “Evaluation of GM seam-strain concentration factors”
5-15 Huang, Muji NPUST (Taiwan) Wayne Hsieh “RECP soil protection properties due to variables in channel flow”
6-15 Huang, Grace Virginia Tech George Filz “GS contribution to stability of column-supported embankments”
7-15 Javadi, Sadra University of Louisville Qian Zhao “Advection and sorption of organic containment in GCL with organobentonite”
8-15 Jiang, Yan University of Kansas Jie Han “Evaluating performance of hybrid GRE walls”
9-15 Kiffle, Zeru Syracuse University Shobha Bhatia “Finite element model of GT tubes stacking in dewatering projects”
10-15 Sievering, Roland RWTH Aachen University (Germany) Martin Ziegler “Interaction modeling in finite element simulation of GG reinforced soil”
11-15 Xu, Lei Columbia University Hoe Ling “Centrifuge modeling of wire mesh facing GS reinforced soil retaining wall”
12-15 Zadeh, Shahin Ghazi Colorado State University Chris Bareither “Evaluation of long-term internal shear of GCLs in mining applications”

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