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Allowable construction loading on geosynthetics

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RE: Allowable construction loading on geosynthetics
Hello Dr. Koerner,

On the question of allowable construction loading on geosynthetics, Daniel and Koerner (2007) state: “If not specifically excluded in the regulations, and if agreed on by the CQA engineer, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or equipment with smooth, oversized tires of maximum ground contact pressure of 28 to 41 kPa (4-6 psi) can be used; however, restrictions should be imposed.”

Are there specific states where construction equipment on top of geosynthetics is “excluded in the regulations”? Has GSI ever compiled a list of regulatory requirements for allowable construction loading on the state or local levels?


(Chris | Illinois)

Reply: In the quoted part of your question, [GSI] will send a list of about 10 restrictions.

As to your other questions:

  1. Excluding all and any equipment on top of geosynthetics, the state of Michigan (and there are only several regions) disallows equipment. The installer has to physically launch the rolls over previously placed material.
  2. Regarding a survey of the states on this issue, we will discuss it internally and get back to you.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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