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Tensar North American Green introduces new TRM

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Cited as first multi-layered woven turf reinforcement mat

Atlanta-based Tensar North American Green announced via an Aug. 5 press release its launch of the new VMax W3000 high-performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM).

The VMax W3000 is the only multi-layered woven HPTRM on the market, according to the release, providing “increased strength and protection for effective erosion control and maximum vegetation establishment.”

The release described the new TRM as “three-dimensional mat consists of a woven corrugated middle layer integrally interlaced into the woven top and bottom layers, which produces separate strata zones for both root and stem reinforcement,” which provides increased strength and protection for erosion control and vegetation establishment.

The press release said that the VMax W3000’s corrugated structure forms protective troughs perpendicular to water flow that function as check dams to capture and retain in-filled seed and soil.

The release noted that large-scale channel lining testing on this TRM under industry ASTM D6460 protocol was conducted. To download a copy of the case study and for more information:

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