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Floating covers

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RE: Floating covers
I am looking for information on designing and installing a floating roof cover to a circular concrete reservoirs.

We have completed many floating cover projects to square and rectangular (slope embankment) earth dams but we are very interested in finding information, articles, discussions, and/or books on designing and installation floating covers to circular concrete with vertical walls.

(Gravin | South Africa)

Reply: Fair question and, yes, it has been done before. If you can handle slack when the reservoir is full, then you can mechanically fasten the circumference to the concrete walls with batten strips or equivalent devices.

If slack must be accommodated, then you will have to grip the geomembrane with polymer rope at discrete points around the circumference and then tie the rope ends to weights that ride up and down within a vertical box or pipe stantions. Of course, anchorage to the geomembrane is difficult but doable.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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