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New books for the geosynthetics industry

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Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering

A new book, Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering, includes contributions from a cavalcade of international academics and professional engineers.

Part 1 of the book covers the fundamentals of geosynthetics. Chapters include discussion of the design and durability of geosynthetics together with their material properties and international standards governing their use.

Part 2 examines the various applications of geosynthetics in areas such as filters, separators, landfills, barriers, and foundation materials. The book concludes by reviewing methods of quality assurance and the service life of geosynthetics.

The editor is Professor R.W. Sarsby, Section Leader for Civil Engineering (SEBE) at the University of Wolverhampton, UK.

Among the contributions are: “Design principles of geosynthetics,” R.M. Koerner, Geosynthetic Research Institute, USA; “Material properties of geosynthetics,” S.W. Perkins, Montana State University, USA; “The durability of geosynthetics,” R.M. Koerner, G.R. Koerner, and Y.G. Hsuan, Geosynthetic Research Institute, USA; “National and international standards governing geosynthetics,” L.D. Suits, North American Geosynthetics Society, USA; “The use of geosynthetics as filters in civil engineering,” J. Fannin, University of British Columbia, Canada; “The use of geosynthetics as separators in civil engineering,” W. Wilmers, consultant, Germany; “The use of geosynthetics in landfill applications,” T. Meggyes, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany; “The use of geosynthetics as barrier materials in civil engineering,” H. Zanziger, SKZ-TeConA GmbH, Germany; “The use of geosynthetics to improve the performance of foundations in civil engineering,” J.G. Collin, The Collin Group Ltd., USA; “Quality assurance for geosynthetic materials,” D. Smith, Edge Consultants UK Ltd., UK; “Limited design life in geosynthetic materials,” R.W. Sarsby, University of Wolverhampton, UK.

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Waste Containment Facilities, 2nd Edition

The Second Edition of the book Waste Containment Facilities by David E. Daniel and Robert M. Koerner is now available.

Published by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the 352-page volume includes chapters on manufacturing quality assurance (MQA)/construction quality assurance (CQA), compacted and geosymthetic clay liners, geomembranes, drainage and alternative cover systems, geosynthetic drainage systems, and vertical cutoff walls.

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