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Geomembrane products are engineered to help provide cost-effective solutions and to meet specific design requirements in fluid barrier, containment and other geotechnical applications.

Geomembranes have been used since the 1950s and their use has steadily increased as a result of water resource concerns. It is now common to find local and state regulations calling for infrastructure designs that use geomembranes for containment, lining, and capping. Whether for potable water or animal waste, these materials have become central to project acceptance and success.

Geomembranes are available in a variety of physical, mechanical, and chemical resistance properties designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. For example, the products can be compounded for exposure to ultraviolet light, ozone and microorganisms in soil. Different combinations of these properties exist in various geosynthetic lining materials to cover a wide spectrum of geotechnical applications and designs.

Several methods are used to join the geosynthetic lining materials in the factory and in the field. Each material has highly developed quality-control techniques that govern its manufacture and installation.


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  • Ron Bygness

    These sources are in the Spec Guide

    In the Applications Directory of the 2012 Specifier's Guide, go to page 36:

    Best regards,

    Ron Bygness

    Editor, Geosynthetics magazine

  • Abdullah Mambuay
    Abdullah Mambuay

    Quotation and Technical Specifications.

    Please send me your quotation and technical specification of the geomembranes linning for solid waste disposal 

  • Ron Bygness

    Check the Specifier's Guide

    In the Services Directory of the annual Specifier's Guide from Geosynthetics magazine, there are listings of many distributors:

    Good luck!

    Ron Bygness

    Editor, Geosynthetics magazine

  • Julie Heyer


    I am looking for manufacturers of reinforced polypro fabric. Do you have a list of distributors of bulk fabric?

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