Tensar announces geogrid price increase

8% hike is effective Feb. 20

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In a Jan. 21 letter addressed “To Our Business Partners,” Tensar International Corp.’s vice president and general manager said the company’s geogrid prices will increase by 8% in February.

Citing rising raw materials costs, primarily polypropylene resins and additives, Dean Ditmar announced a price increase for Tensar’s biaxial and triax geogrids in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America markets. The 8% increase is effective Feb. 20, 2013, according to the letter.

The letter quoted Ditmar: “We will continue to pursue all options to manage our costs and minimize the need for future price increases.”

Source: Tensar International


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  • Ryan

    RE: market price of bi axial geo grid

    Hi Bharadwaj. Please contact Tensar directly by visiting the company link at the end of the article to get more information on your request. Regards.

  • bharadwaj

    market price of bi axial geo grid

    HI, how much would a biaxial Geogrid of 1m length costs? kindly let me know

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